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Welcome to the Japanese Collector "Rifle Identification" page.  Below you will find the most commonly encountered rifle markings which should aide you in the identification of your arms.  If you have a question about something you cannot find the answer to, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.
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Type 30 Arisaka

Type 30 rifles were the very first arisaka design to be put in full production.  Markings on the receiver are read from top to bottom and translate to 3-10-year-shiki (model).  There are four characters found on the receiver as well as two gas vent holes.  Many of these rifles were exported to foreign use, refurbed at arsenals into training rifles, and made into rifles for school use.  


Type 35 Arisaka

 Type 35 rifles were produced shortly after the type 30.  These unique rifles were made for the Japanese navy and were only produced for a few short years.  The markings on the receiver of these rifles are read from top to bottom and translate to 3-10-5-year-shiki (model).  The type 35 was only produced in long rifle length as contracted by the Imperial Navy.

Type 38 Arisaka

 Markings on the receiver of a type 38 rifle are red from top to bottom and translate to 3-8-shiki (model).  All type 38 rifles were marked in this manner to include long, short, and carbine length rifles.  Another easy identifier of this rifle type are the double vent holes found on either side of the mum.  Many type 38 rifles were removed from military service and relegated to school use.  These rifles had an added character on the receiver near the mum.  Often times, the mum was defaced and several "0"s were added prior to the serial number.

Type 44 Arisaka

 Type 44 Carbines were marked much the same as the type 38 rifles.  The markings were read from top to bottom and translate to 4-4-shiki (model).  All type 44 carbines were marked in this manner but some very rare examples feature a type 38 receiver mounted into a type 44 stock and fittings.  A few of these carbines have been reported with school markings but are rarely encountered marked in this manner.

Type 99 Arisaka

 Markings on the receiver of a type 99 rifle are read from left to right and translate to 9-9-Shiki (model).  Some late production rifles did not have these markings, while others were void of all markings.  Another easy identifier of a type 99 rifle is the one gas vent hole on top of the receiver.

 Type 99 receiver markings. 

Left: Type 99 with Mum

Right: Concentric circle type 99 


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